We made some research to get answers on questions according e.g. the needs of our target group and competitors. Therefore we researched online, made qualitative interviews and evaluated the results to define our goals. 


From the results of our research we finally could define our target group and create Personas to keep their needs, habits, claims and also what are not our goals in mind. 


By tailoring with our requirements we created User Stories and a final Storyboard. At this point we already had a very clear image in our minds about how our application should behave and what functionalities we need. Therefore we started with first design drafts for smartphone and smartwatch.



To check whether we hit the needs of our target group or not we tested our Prototypes with heuristic evaluation and user testing. With the results we improved our prototypes and came to our final solution. 


Due to my course of studies in web development at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria I have had a focus on Usability and Human-Computer Interaction. From the moment I started to work in this field I was fascinated by the variety of influences (e.g. engineering, psychology and design) that play a role for Usability and how this covers my interests. One project in HCI was the creation of  clickable high-fidelity prototypes  for an application with a very good User Experience. The process should be done with methods and technics of Interaction Design to reach this goal.

Our team consisted of four team members. At the very beginning we made a Design Thinking Workshop and came to the conclusion to make an extension for the application BlaBlaCar, so that users can use functionalities more intuitive during driving no matter if they prefer a smartphone or smartwatch in usage. We named it "PickMeApp", which is a reference to "pick me up" and sounds cool ;).

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