Product Design

One of my favorite subjects at school was Product Design. Thereby I learned a lot about the whole design process, all different sorts of materials and how to work with them. Further I also got to know some useful techniques in sketching and the work of some great inspiring product designers. I really enjoyed this kind of work and therefore I chose to make my matriculation project for this subject. I designed a packaging for a vital drink called Yakult. At the very beginning I researched about the company and  the target group which were women in their 30s who have a healthy lifestyle. Afterwards I conducted a survey to collect requirements for the future packaging and handed it out to the target group. I analyzed the results and created some ideas. I considered typography, different materials and colors and finally came to the conclusion to take glas, since this is one of the most ecofriendly materials in production and recycling. I decided to color the label in green and white, to present the healthy ingredients of the drink also in the design. Then I started with my very first pen & paper sketches. After some iterations with feedback I got the final design and worked it out with CAD on the computer.

First Design Sketches

Final Design with Copic Pens

Label with Photoshop

FInal Design with CAD

Bei dieser Arbeit habe ich die Logos von Whiskas und Jägermeister im jeweils anderen Stil erstellt.

I documented the whole process in a script and designed a layout therefore. You can have a look on the original version by clicking on this image.